Coaching Services

Coaching Services

30.00 - 35.00
GX Presto is someone that is there to help and guide new and veteran instructors to be the best they can be. Giving them the tools for their instructor journey. GX Presto will nurture new first time instructors and experienced instructors getting started with group fitness. He will support you all the way, from preparing your playlist, preparing for your audition, and more.
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Your initial instructor training provided you with the foundations of teaching. With coaching you will transform your state of mind when you teach.



- Uncover your powers of leadership for all aspects of your life.

- Define your version of success as an Instructor.

- Learn how to strengthen your connection with participants and enhance the experience you create for them.

- Develop your own style of performance within the essence of the program.

- Learn how to fill your classes and ensure longevity in your teaching.


- "In Person" - GX Presto will provide coaching services within Clark County, Las Vegas, NV upon agreed time and dates.

- "Distance Coaching" - If you live outside of Clark County, Las Vegas, NV, GX Presto can provide you distance coaching via Skype, Facetime, and more.